In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook, we’ve heard about teachers and staff who went to heroic lengths to save the lives of children. In fact, I’m going to be writing briefly about it the Huffington Post. Yet one thing to keep in mind is that people do heroic things every day. A…Read More

Not long ago, I heard something from a good friend, Gail Blanke, that struck me as brilliant. Her advice was to practice the Golden Rule in a way you don’t often hear in the advice columns. She said to practice it on yourself. Treat yourself as you wish others would treat you. That sounds as…Read More

About fifteen years ago, Dallas Gigrich and his wife decided to help people who couldn’t afford to heat their homes in the winter. They run a business that removes old, unused oil tanks from homes near Seattle, Washington. They realized that whenever they removed a tank, it usually contained unused oil. Sometimes, a lot of…Read More

In the final episode of the past season of Breaking Bad, Brian Cranston’s character walks into a storage locker where his wife has stacked so much cash she has no idea how much money they have earned from making and selling crystal meth.  It’s literally uncountable, there are so many packets of bills, in so…Read More

If you’re less than inspired by  politicians in the United States, you simply need to look a little further south to feel more inspired. Uruguay’s seemingly incorruptible president has been called the world’s poorest and most generous leader. Jose Mujica offers the world a model for leadership through his  character as a statesman and a…Read More