Two years ago, David Tally was a homeless man wandering around Tempe, Arizona, sleeping on a mat in a shelter. On n a day in November, his life became something like a fairy tale. He saw an unattended backpack at a light-rail station, with no owner in sight. So he bent down and flipped it…Read More

If you’re injured or otherwise need emergency medical care in Central Park, you’ll get it within three minutes. And it will be an ambulance unit staffed entirely by expert volunteers. The Central Park Emergency Unit was recently featured by CBS in a report that celebrated its 150 volunteers who have become a crack medical response…Read More

After losing his 14-year-old daughter, Mariah, when a drunken driver hit her as she walked with friends on a sidewalk in Butte, Montana, Leo McCarthy started a scholarship to keep teens away from alcohol.  As part of her eulogy, he made his offer: “If you stick with me for four years, don’t use alcohol, don’t…Read More

I’m baffled by what Lady Gaga puts on in the morning. By that I mean, I don’t have a meat suit hanging in my wardrobe. I will always be baffled by a certain type of celebrity behavior. People who thrive the way she does under a certain wattage of media attention, swimming around in the…Read More

It’s easy to see the Sandy Hook killings as evidence of how deeply evil is entrenched in human nature. Yet the tragedy demonstrated, just as convincingly, how good human beings can be. We may be built for violence, but we’re also built for heroism. Staff members at the elementary school, again and again, risked their…Read More