In honor of Thanksgiving, which is, in some respects, about feeling thankful to be able to share a meal with loved ones, I want to reprise this post from early this year: In Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood, Jeffrey Marx recounts an amazing story about how the football…Read More

A boy in Africa has the disease Samuel Jackson had in Unbreakable. His bones snap at the slightest impact. His mother has to carry him four hours to the nearest clinic for treatment. They slap her for mistreating her boy. He lives in genuine poverty, but with cheerful pluck he goes to school and works…Read More

You have to keep losing. That’s not a philosophy you hear very often. Yet Gail Blanke’s been advocating it for years. Lose the junk in the basement. Lose the clothes you no longer wear. Lose that motorcycle you ride once a year. Blanke’s bright idea is that your life becomes energized if you pick fifty…Read More