As a child in Romania, I watched the Communist authorities come into our house and pull my grandfather from my grandmother’s arms — taking him to a prison where he was eventually kicked to death by a guard. My brother and I, along with my grandmother were then put to work in a labor camp…Read More

Some popular research data recently emerged claiming that human beings are moving on a kinder, gentler trajectory. The evidence, fewer wars where thousands were slaughtered.  Fewer murders in towns and cities.  Therefore, they say, evil is losing out, the good is thriving.  One glance at the news suggests otherwise, and all the evidence in my…Read More

Last Christmas, Maureen Down printed a guest column for her at the New York Times, from a close friend, Father Kevin, a priest who seems to work wonders with the dying and the suffering—even though he’s honest about his own human reluctance to enter into the suffering of others. She said that once Father Kevin…Read More

My own experience in a post-World War II work camp, under Communists, convinced me that the evils of Nazi Germany are far from unique. In Romania, where I grew up, the new boss was the same as the old boss. The Soviets picked up where the Nazi’s left off in our embattled country. Stalin wasn’t…Read More

We live in most challenging times. Many of us struggle, emotionally, ethically, and spiritually. We seem headed toward less compassion and consideration, failing to overcome that basic instinct for self-preservation, at any cost, that often leads to evil in human behavior. Yet within each of us a new future is stirring. We can become better…Read More