Back in the 90s, when he was just out of school, Ed Tom worked as an associate buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue. Now he runs one of the most innovative high schools in the country, sending his unlikely South Bronx graduates on their way to Dartmouth, Penn, and Bryn Mawr. The son of Chinese immigrants…Read More

From Africa to Harvard

In A Dream So Big

After their third child, Stephen Wrigley, died only eight days from birth, Steve and Nancy Peifer decided to leave their American lives behind and move to Africa. At the time, he was a corporate manager with Oracle who oversaw 9,000 computer software consultants. They moved with their children to Kenya, where they eventually became educational…Read More

  Salman Khan is a classic outlier who has given the world what many consider to be a great gift. It all started out with a YouTube upload. This hedge fund manager decided to use YouTube as a way of sending his cousins a little instructional video on math. The cousins were pleased. So was…Read More