We live in most challenging times. Many of us struggle, emotionally, ethically, and spiritually. We seem headed toward less compassion and consideration, failing to overcome that basic instinct for self-preservation, at any cost, that often leads to evil in human behavior. Yet within each of us a new future is stirring. We can become better…Read More

Stay Interested

In John Gardner

Every second, every minute, every day is a fresh start. It’s easy to forget the boundless possibility packed into every human experience. The Buddhists have a term: beginner’s mind. These two simple words convey an entire philosophy of human nature and a quality of mindfulness that brings to every perception and thought a fresh quality,…Read More

I’d like to see a revival of the word evil. But not the way most people use that word. Typically, it’s a loaded term full of negative emotion. It carries hidden agendas: religious, political, dogmatic. It’s a rhetorical weapon wielded against opponents. Call them evil, and you give yourself a righteous superiority over them. For…Read More