In honor of Thanksgiving, which is, in some respects, about feeling thankful to be able to share a meal with loved ones, I want to reprise this post from early this year: In Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood, Jeffrey Marx recounts an amazing story about how the football…Read More

Last Christmas, Maureen Down printed a guest column for her at the New York Times, from a close friend, Father Kevin, a priest who seems to work wonders with the dying and the suffering—even though he’s honest about his own human reluctance to enter into the suffering of others. She said that once Father Kevin…Read More

Dolores Hart was the first woman to kiss Elvis Presley on screen. Successful, beautiful—and in love with a man she intended to marry soon—she left it all behind, not long before her wedding day, to become a nun. If you want to know more and you get HBO, watch God is the Bigger Elvis, an…Read More