The Goodness of Gump

In Forrest Gump

When Forrest Gump first came out, I had a friend who said this film, more than any other one she’d ever seen, spoke to her about pure goodness.  Though I hadn’t thought of it quite that way when I saw it, her words rang true back then and they seem even more accurate now that…Read More

One thing that publishing a book has taught me, if you have the temerity to say what you think about anything, usually someone will emerge to oppose or criticize you. I have been lucky. Most of the response to what I’ve said, in book form or in social media, has been the equivalent of a…Read More

If the test of character is what you do when nobody’s looking, then Harvard students have been failing badly lately: even as they ace their finals. Along with many other schools, students at this Ivy League university are cheating. You can’t get through a week now without seeing another newspaper article or post about how…Read More