Reader Response


constant choice logoI just read “The Constant Choice” and felt compelled to contact you.  Just so you can place me at Y & R, I was there only from 1996 through the acquisition in 2000.  It was quite a roller coaster and a very special time in my life.  Meeting you convinced me to join the company. I recall that meeting so well.

So many of us knew just a little about your early years in Rumania.  Now we know so much more. I daresay most of us had never thought about good and evil as you have explained those forces in your book.  We are all the better for it. In addition to learning your life story, what I admired most was that you were so forthcoming in sharing some extraordinary times and difficult feelings. Clearly, you have become comfortable in your own skin and your readers are all beneficiaries.

I for one was blessed to have my last hurrah at Y & R with you in charge.  Indeed, it prepared me for my next life, and “The Constant Choice” serves to validate what has happened to me.  In addition to some non-profit board experiences, I have dedicated most of my time to the child advocacy service of a Guardian ad Litem. I didn’t seek it after leaving Y & R.  It revealed itself to me. It has been the most gratifying ‘work’ of my life.  It’s about advocating in Connecticut juvenile courts for the best interests of children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect. You can easily understand and relate to my ‘new future’ as that of an activist for good versus evil.

John Fenton