Reader Response


constant choice logoPeter Georgescu’s The Constant Choice, An Everyday Journey From Evil Toward Good is an excellent book. I am pleased to say this publically and have done so privately since I read it. Indeed, it is my favorite present to those who, like Georgescu, are searching for meaning in their lives, to locate good in what seems to be a very mean, evil world. Drawing on his extraordinary life history – childhood in Rumania, separation from his parents, time in a Communist labor camp, liberation through the intervention of the US President, persistent appearances of “guardian angels” with only an interest to help, education at elite US schools, meteoric rise to be CEO of one of the world’s major marketing and communications companies, and relations with family, colleagues and acquaintances – he interweaves these experiences with his thoughts on the perpetuation of evil in competitive societies, insights he gets from evolutionary theory, epigenetics, and brain science, the otherwise unexplainable contributions of meditation and the paranormal, and the generative role of love and friends in his life. The search is a search for the good, the compassionate, and the generous. His case for finding what he has sought is compelling.

–Warren Ilchman