Reader Response


readerresponseFrom Scott Kittrell, Gap International:

I hope this note finds you well.  I am sitting on a plane from Fortaleza to São Paulo on my journey home.  I’ve been traveling quite a bit since the conference and am very much looking forward to walking through my front door and and hugging my family.  One advantage of all the planes I have been on lately is that it gave me time to read The Constant Choice.  It has impacted me greatly.

I know what I do at Gap matters…what I am taking away from your book is that everything I do in life matters.  To always be choosing goodness and compassion, in the grand and mundane decisions everywhere in my life.  I think in a way I have been standing on the sidelines, always knowing there was more I could be and wanted to be doing with my time here.

You have lit my fire (or perhaps made my flame grow brighter) to reevaluate my approach in life, the context through which I live and make decisions.  To be constantly choosing good and having that show up in action is a worthy pursuit I can give myself completely too.  I don’t know how, but I do know that action matters.  I feel grounded.  I feel centered.  I feel somehow that everything is good, everything makes sense.  I feel calm and peaceful, yet strong and resolute.  This is a new feeling for me and I like it.

Thank you, Peter.  An unexpected gift.