A book unlike any I’ve ever read


readerresponseAnother good review for The Constant Choice from a reader, “Thoughtful”, on Amazon:

This was a remarkably interesting, courageous and insightful book. Like the author, Peter Georgescu, I have wrestled with issues of faith, God, godliness and good and evil for a long time. I come at it from a slightly different perspective–in my case, that of a nonbeliever, whereas Peter’s early life was built on the notion of a strong faith. And yet he came to question that faith and search for a deeper understandiing of it. I have long been troubled by some of the topics that Peter tackles such as the notion of an interventionist god, which has always struck me as implausible. Like the author, I also have trouble reconciling this notion of an all-knowing, all-loving god with all the evil you see in the world, much of it inflicted in the name of god or religion. And yet…I stand atop a Rocky Mountain peak and look at the majesty that surrounds me, or stare out at the Sarasota sunset and think, ‘There’s got to be more to this than just earth and rock, flesh and blood.” We all witness incredible acts of kindness every day, not only from the people the author would call guardian angels but from everyday people when friends or family suffer heartbreak. People rise to remarkable levels during those periods of crisis. There’s a lot of good in human nature, a lot of compassion and quiet heroism. This book tackles each of these topics and so much more, all seen through the prism of Georgescu’s remarkable, almost unbelievable life. This book provides a different and unconventional way to think about all this, a framework that made sense to me. I thank Peter for the enormous effort he clearly put into writing it, but also having the courage and persistence to follow his search to better understand the nature of faith and the concept of godliness even when it when it was clear that journey often caused him turmoil and confusion. He was unflinching in his honesty with which he tackles these often weighty and at times troubling topics. But the result of that search, which he chronicles so clearly in his book, justifies the effort. I have already ordered up a half-dozen copies to pass on to friends, and I highly recommend it to any person who thinks seriously about these topics.