A nation is a family. Like a family, a nation offers support to the member who, in turn, support the family — pay taxes, remain loyal, and maybe even defend the homestead when needed. What this big family called a nation owes its members varies depending on its resources and state of well-being. The point…Read More

I was reminded recently of my disappointment that Malala Yousufzai didn’t with the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. I take heart in being confident that it will go to her at some point in her life, given her character, her achievements even now at her young age, and her determination to change her world. Here’s what…Read More

A recent study by Oxfam published this startling statistic: the wealth of the 85 richest people in the world equals the wealth of the 3.5 billion poorest. It’s a dangerous set of numbers, because when the global economy keeps widening the gap between rich and poor, societies get more and more unstable. In this post…Read More

You have to keep losing. That’s not a philosophy you hear very often. Yet Gail Blanke’s been advocating it for years. Lose the junk in the basement. Lose the clothes you no longer wear. Lose that motorcycle you ride once a year. Blanke’s bright idea is that your life becomes energized if you pick fifty…Read More