IBM has neglected to invest in operations, especially research and development, needed to expand into new markets and develop new lines of business. Meanwhile it has been buying back enormous blocks of its own stock to prop up share price. It isn’t working. In 2014, 15 percent of its market cap, despite having the largest…Read More

Paying It Forward

News reports that Harper Lee is going to finally publish another novel were a pleasant surprise, though I wonder if the new story will have room for her most interesting character–Boo Radley–the mysterious recluse who turns out to be a guardian angel in To Kill a Mockingbird. He was one of fiction’s most remarkable embodiments…Read More

It’s become second nature for almost anyone who rides a motorcycle in the U.S. to don a helmet before hitting the road. It’s the law, in most states. But by now everyone knows it’s knuckleheaded not to protect your skull while floating unprotected through the air at 65 mph. This isn’t the case in other…Read More

Come back, JetBlue!

I remember JetBlue fondly. For quite a while after it began flying, I thought of it as the Avis of the air: it tried harder than any other airline to give you a bargain and make you feel you were flying first class, all at once. I was a loyal passenger. Their fares were always…Read More

In The Constant Choice, I talked with a couple of celebrated Biblical scholars about my view of Jesus, and whether or not my simple views were consistent with Christianity itself. I believe that the life of Jesus and his actual sayings matter far more than the churches founded in his name. I was reassured repeatedly…Read More